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23rd September 2005, Friday

Get along to the Woodfair!

I’ve just spent a brilliant day with my class of 7/8-year-olds at the Weald Woodfair, which takes place at the Bentley Wildfowl & Motor Museum near Uckfield.
If you are at all interested in the history, management, wildlife, products and future of our East Sussex woodlands (and since you’re reading this page, I guess you must be) then this represents amazing value for the £6 entrance fee.
There are guys in hard hats abseiling down trees and other in floppy hats carving knobbly sticks, there are heavy horses and macho machines, timber framed buildings, charcoal burners, craftsmen making beautiful furniture and sweating historians puffing fearsome flames out of a clay bloomery…..
Lots more Eating Opportunities this time, wafting appetising scents among the sawdust.
For children, there are great hands-on activities including wood-carving, learning about how to skin big animals, making bird feeders (with our own Rye Bay Countryside Project) and……playing at being pigs with The Shedman (don’t ask…go and look).
For me, cheap thrill of the day was going up in a 48m cherry picker, way above the canopy with a great broad panorama across to the Downs (better than looking down anyway..)
I think I’ve made my point: it’s on all weekend 09.30-17.00
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23rd September 2005, Friday

Sea Potato

Walking along the shoreline at low tide this morning there seemed to be many Sea Potatoes scatterd on the mud. Although these are rounded you can clearly see the 5 divisions on the “shell” that give away its relation to starfish and sea urchins. About 5cm long.
Sea Potato