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15th September 2005, Thursday

A Gaggle of Ground-hoppers

During a survey of grasshoppers and crickets this year, I have become increasingly interested in ground-hoppers. These insects, like tiny grasshoppers, are usually associated with damp, sparsely vegetetated habitats, often on the margins of lakes and ditches. As you might expect, habitats of this sort occur in abundance at Rye Harbour, and the reserve hosts all three British species. Nationally, the commonest of the three is (surprise surprise) Common Ground-hopper, followed by Slender, and Cepero’s, which is the rarest and largely confined to the south coast, though there are more records of this species at Rye Harbour than the other two combined!
Common Ground-hopperSlender ground-hopper
Ceperos Ground-hopper

Clockwise from top left: Common Ground-hopper, Slender Ground-hopper, Cepero’s Ground-hopper

15th September 2005, Thursday

Rye Harbour Nature Reserve Today

The wader roost at high tide along the shore included 145 Ringed Plover,200 Dunlin,10 Knot,12 Sanderling,4 Bar Tailed Godwit and 22 Turnstone.
Offshore this morning 2 Arctic Skua,1 Great Skua,30+ Gannet and 3 Black Tern .
At the Bittern Viewpoint 2 Firecrest was the highlight amongst the many Warblers.
The Beach Reserve still holds good numbers of Wheatear and Yellow Wagtail with Merlin seen daily.Flat Beach Quarry attracted a Spotted Redshank.
Yesterdays highlight was a Honey Buzzard which drifted over Rye Golf Course and the Beach Reserve.