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7th September 2005, Wednesday

Royal Military Canal Pett-Winchelsea

At least 10 Whinchats in rough ground and bushes alongside the canal this morning, but only 1 visible on my return in late afternoon, when there was, however, a Redstart in the plum trees. 2 Cetti’s Warblers are currently in song on the canalside thorns and 2 noisy Hobbies were overhead.
The foot of Chapel Field in Winchelsea was this afternoon busy with a noisy and heterogenous flock comprising 15+ Mistle Thrushes, c10 spotted Flycatchers, several Chiffchaffs, sundry Great, Blue & Coal Tits, 2 GS Woodpeckers, 1 Green and a Nuthatch.
The appearance of the marsh in summer & autumn is dominated by the pale dry stalks of a grass which I think is Crested Dog’s-tail (Cynosurus cristatus). Against the light, they hardly show up, but with the sun behind you they reflect the prevailing colours of the daylight. At midday, the level appears a soft-edged ivory sea, but at either end of the day, the grass picks up a range of creams, ochres, pinks and golds, the shadows improbable blues and lilacs. This morning, each head was beaded with glittering dew.