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9th June 2005, Thursday

Ghostly Guests

While taking photographs at Lime Kiln Cottage today, I came across a small group of Ant Woodlice (Platyarthrus hoffmannseggi). As their name suggests, members of this blind and colourless species live as commensals in ant nests, where they feed on organic waste, gaining both food and the protection of their hosts.
Platyarthrus hoffmannseggi

9th June 2005, Thursday

Castle Water Birds

Teal 6 drakes, Pochard 1, Wigeon 1, Whimbrel 1 , Avocet 2, Little Gull 1 immature (+3 at Ternery Pool), Hobby 3, Barn Owl hunting and Little Owl at the castle.

9th June 2005, Thursday

Wheatears and Biting Stonecrop

The Wheatears at Rye Harbour are doing well with a higher than usual 12 pairs. Some have already fledged and can be seen feeding and being fed by the males near the river mouth. In the same area there was the first flower of the yellow Biting Stonecrop.
Wheatear fledgling