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2nd June 2005, Thursday

Purple Glossy Starling

Today, on the cycle track just on the west side of Camber, I saw a glossy starling. It was feeding in the meadow grass with a group of ‘common’ starlings. There was no doubting the yellow eye, iridescent colour and large size. Read the rest of this entry »

2nd June 2005, Thursday

Bittersweet or woody nightshade

Bittersweet Solanum dulcamara is , in many ways, an under-appreciated plant. It is common in Rye Bay gardens and the countryside and also grows very successfully on vegetated shingle near the sea (see photo). Later on, of course, the flowers are replaced by red berries. As well as its aesthetic qualities, it is the foodplant of a wide range of invertebrates and the dried berries were once made into necklaces to prevent babies having convulsions (but that was in Norfolk).
Bittersweet flowers, Rye Harbour NR