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24th November 2004, Wednesday

Harbour Porpoise – Glyne Gap

A harbour porpoise was seen this morning inshore at Glyne Gap.

Reported by: Ian Standivan

5th November 2004, Friday

Country Park Fungi

We are now trying to begin the process of building a species list for the Country park.

The recent rain has started to bring a few more fruiting bodies above the surface in the Country park. Though, overall, it still seems a poor site I have been watching a small area of acid grassland quite avidly.The grass is short in places due to Rabbit grazing.

It is this sort of habitat that can produce some interesting species. The Waxcaps particularly are worth looking out for These often colourful fungi are recognised as excellent indicators of unimproved grassland and areas of nutrient poor sward can be rewarding. English nature in fact produce an interesting table that can be used as a rough guide in assessing a piece of grassland using some key fungal genera. Waxcaps (Hygrocybe) feature highly here. A site with a large number of species will be considered as being of national or even international importance.
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2nd November 2004, Tuesday

Rye Harbour – Beach Reserve News

Between 7 and 8 this morning on flat beach:
3200 golden plover
1 little stint
136 corn bunting
25+ skylark
18 meadow pipit
17 pintail
18 shelduck
(59 shelduck counted yesterday)